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We come to Bennett Elementary to learn to read, to do math, science and to have fun with our friends! Welcome to our wonderful learning adventure!

Important Information from your Kindergarten Team

As we go through this extended time away from school, your Kindergarten teachers first and foremost hope for safety and good health to you and yours during this difficult time.  If you have any questions or are seeking educational advice, please contact your teacher and we will do what we can to help.

Weekly Choice Boards:

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Kindergarten Curriculum 

Below you will find current SOL objectives that we were (and would be) covering so you can provide educational experiences that relate to the units of study.  You will also see helpful links to websites that we think your child will find fun and educational.

Language Arts:
Reading (SOL K.1)
Student will build oral communication skills.
Reading (SOL K.2)
Student will demonstrate growth in oral, early literacy skills.

Reading (SOL K.3)
Students will understand that words are made of small units of sound and that these sounds blend together to make a word. 
Students will understand that words are made up of syllables.
Reading (SOL K.4)
Students will understand that all print materials follow a similar pattern and there is a one-to-one correspondence between the spoken and written word.
Reading (SOL K.5)
Students will understand that print has meaning and they can recognize their own writing as a form of print.
Reading (SOL K.6)
K.6 The student will develop an understanding of basic phonetic principles.
Reading (SOL K.7)
Student will expand vocabulary and use of word meanings.  
Writing (SOL K.10)
Student will print in manuscript.

Measurement - Money (SOL K.7)
Students will recognize the attributes of a penny, nickel, and quarter as well as identify the number of pennies equal to a nickel, dime, quarter.
Number Sense - 0-20 (SOL K. 1)
Students will count sets from 0-20.  They must be able to read, write, and represent the numbers 0-20.
Number Sense - Counting/Compare (SOL K.2, K.3)
Students will compare sets (more than, less than, equal to) and given no more than three sets will order sets from greatest to least and least to greatest.
Students will count orally by ones from 0-100
Number Sense - Fractions (SOL K.5)
Students will represent and solve problems involving equal sharing with two sharers.
Number Sense - Addition (SOL K.4)
Student will a) recognize and describe with fluency part-whole relationships for numbers up to 5; and b) investigate and describe part-whole relationships for numbers up to 10. 
Computation - Story Problems (SOL K.6)
Student will model and solve single-step story and picture problems with sums to 10 and differences within 10, using concrete objects. 

Earth/Space Science and Cycles (SOL K.9)
The students will be able to investigate that there are repeating patterns in his/her daily life.  Students will investigate seasonal changes (Spring begins on Mar. 20th), predict daily weather conditions, describe what plants and animals are doing during this seasonal change.
Life Processes and Living Systems (SOL K.6)
Students will be able to identify the basic characteristics of living things (growth, movement, and basic needs).
Students will be able to classify items by living or nonliving.

Earth/Space Science and Cycles (SOL K.11)
Student will investigate and understand that materials can be reused, recycled, and conserved



Great for all subject areas:
https://jr.brainpop.com/  (You can request free access here: https://bit.ly/3d49pkG)

Read-alouds of many picture books the children love:

Scholastic Learn at Home:

Starfall: good for all subject areas

ABCya: good for all subject areas

ABCmouse: (Your teacher may have a class code for free access - email her to find out! You also may be able to access this through Clever.)

Do not forget to log into your child's Office 365 (Clever) account to access:
- IXL  (math)
- Dreambox  (math)
- MyOn  (reading)

"Get the wiggles out" with Go Noodle:


If you need a quick response to a question or concern, please email us during our office hours: Tuesdays from 9am - 10am.

Members of the Kindergarten team can be reached by email your teacher by using the email address below:

Ms. Cain     -   caink@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Colley -   colleyba@pwcs.edu
Mrs. Jean   -   jeanae@pwcs.edu
Ms. Murray -   murrayka@pwcs.edu
Mrs. E Smith - smithem@pwcs.edu


  Lunch Schedule:  
Ms. Murray: 1:00 - 1:30
Mrs. E. Smith: 1:05 - 1:35
Ms. Cain: 1:10 - 1:40
Mrs. Colley: 1:15 - 1:45
Mrs. Jean: 1:20 - 1:50

   Encore Schedule:  

Week 1

Week 2

   Helping your child at home:  
 Resource in English Click Here
 Resource in Spanish Click Here
Kindergarten Pacing Guides:

Our Daily Schedule:
9:00-9:10       Arrival
9:10 - 9:30     Morning Meeting
9:30 - 11:10    Language Arts
11:10 - 11:55  Encore
11:55 - 12:05  Recess 
12:05 - 1:00    Language Arts
Lunch (see lunch schedule above)
20 minute Recess follows lunch
1:45 - 2:45     Math
2:45 - 3:30     Social Studies/Science
3:30 - 3:45     Core Extension
3:45 - 3:50     Dismissal

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