Picture of Kindergartners at Bennett

Welcome to Kindergarten
Our Purpose:

We come to Bennett Elementary to learn to read, to do math, science and to have fun with our friends!

Welcome to our wonderful learning adventure!


Dear Kindergarten Families,

Below are some things you can do at home to help your child:

- Read together every day for at least 15 minutes.
- Pretend you are at a restaurant and you are the server. Ask your child to order food for themselves while remembering to speak up and say please and thank you.
- Eat meals without electronic devices. Practice conversational skills and table manners.
- Play a board game where there is turn taking and a possibility of not winning.
- Give your child some practice with kid friendly scissors, glue sticks, and crayons.
- Play catch, jump rope, or hopscotch.
- Practice keeping a schedule. (start with consistent wake up and bedtimes.)
- Practice good hygiene skills. (ex. hand washing, flushing, and zipping/buttoning of clothing.)

If you have any questions about Bennett or are ready to register your child, please contact the office at (703)361-8261.

Your Kindergarten Team

Watch this video to learn more about Kindergarten at Bennett Elementary:


Members of the Kindergarten team can be reached by email your teacher by using the email address below:

Mrs. Colley - [email protected]
Mrs. Jean - [email protected]
Ms. Kissinger - [email protected]
Mrs. Murray - [email protected]
Mrs. E Smith - [email protected]

Kindergarten Teachers and Instructional Assistants