Photo Voice 2024

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The Bennett Photo Voice Project 2024


We are so proud of our Bennett Community. At Bennett, our photovoice project will center on the topic, "Who we are". Our goal is to celebrate who we are, what we each bring to Bennett, our backgrounds and life experiences, our dreams and unique contributions to our community.  


The Bennett Photo Voice Project is an opportunity for our students to share who they believe we are as a Bennett community and what is important to each person. Please view this video which will explain more about this project and how your child can participate.  


Our hope is to include pictures of all of our over 750 students and nearly 100 staff members.  


Each student’s submission will include:  

  • the student’s name (first and last),  
  • select your grade level, 
  • one picture (upload a picture or take a new one),  and 
  • 1-2 sentences explaining its importance to them or to our Bennett community. 

 Once you submit your picture and text, you will not be able to review your submission online. All submissions will be reviewed by our team as we prepare for our Photo Voice event later this school year. 



Mrs. Holt has been working with all grade levels to think about elements of photography and the necessary planning for taking pictures, such as lighting, wardrobe, props, and other considerations.  


Please use the link that was sent to families via School Status to submit your child’s picture and sentences. If you have more than one child, please have each child submit a picture and sentences.  


For families that may have additional questions, we will be hosting an information session on Thursday, January 18 at 6:30 p.m. via Zoom. More information will be coming out on that event, with RSVP and requests for translation services.