Parent Liaison


I am Dena Hammad; I am the Parent liaison here at Bennett Elementary. I serve as a communication link between home and school. I welcome and orient families to the schools and familiarize the families with the school's cultures, policies, procedures, and practices.


Parent liaisons can connect you with the appropriate people within the school or community who can help you meet your child's/ family needs. The Parent liaisons establish and build successful working relationships with the families of all children in the school. They appreciate the school's cultural diversity and work to foster unity, cohesiveness, and cooperation among all families.

Parent liaisons provide services such as the following to assist you and your child:

· Encourage open communication between you and school personnel.

· Explain the purpose and process of conferences and school meetings.

· Attend conferences and school meetings with you to clarify procedures and processes.

· Explain school, policies, practices, and programs.

· Provide information about school goals, resources, and activities.

Here are some fun things we are doing:

· Conversational English Classes for families

· Let’s Talk monthly meetings to see how things are going

· Family Engagement Workshops

Here is the link to Prince William County Family Engage Series:

Family Engagement Series - Prince William County Public Schools (

I will share more information and resources on this page throughout the school year. Feel free to email me at [email protected].

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