Welcome to Physical Education!  

Hello Bennett friends, each week we will post a new activity for you to do each week. These activities may consist of health and or a physical activity. We hope everyone will enjoy these activities and continue to be physically active during your time off!  

Week 5/4-5/8
Activity- ChooseMyPlate (MyPlate is a nutritional guide on what you should be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During P.E. class we have reviewed the main food groups which are fruits, vegetables, protein, and grains. This week you will play two activities "Blast Off" and "Dining Decisions" on ChoosyMyPlate.gov.) 

Here are some useful links for children to stay active and healthy during the extend school closure. If you have any questions please email us at CombsKM@pwcs.edu or RatonMS@pwcs.edu

Home Activity PE Visual Packet- Fitness and PE Skill Visuals (by Pete Charrette)

It is about 30 pages of visuals students can comprehend and use at home with little explanation or instruction. 

Printable Fitness Challenge Calendars from S&S Worldwide

To find all of the calendars type in the word "calendar" in the search bar. 

Cooperative Fitness Challenge Tasks

6 great tasks that asks children to pair up and work with a partner to improve their fitness. Free downloadable certificates on the site to give to children who complete 4 (or more) of the 6 challenge tasks. Very little equipment needed for these tasks.

Cooperative Skills Challenge Tasks

6 great tasks that asks children to pair up and work with a partner to improve skills such as throwing and catching, balancing, etc. Free downloadable certificates on the site to give to children who complete 4 (or more) of the 6 challenge tasks.

Fluency and Fitness

Fluency & Fitness is giving families 21 days of FREE unlimited access to our site during school closures due to the Coronavirus


GoNoodle engages 14 million kids every month with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts. Available for free at school, home, and everywhere kids are!

 Go to the Active Home landing page and download now.

Link to 10-day Virtual elementary HPE activities http://bit.ly/2IO3D8Z

Link to shared Google resources for elementary HPE http://bit.ly/33gojjm

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Daily Schedule 

9:30 10:15   4th Grade
10:20 11:05      3rd Grade
11:10 11:55      Kindergarten
11:55 12:25 Lunch
12:25 12:55      SPED/Autism
1:20 2:05      2nd Grade
2:10 2:55      1st Grade
3:00 3:45      5th Grade

Encore Schedule 

Red  K - Colley/Cain
1st- J. Smith/Hays
2nd- Miller/Ranghelli
4th- Meckley/Nevlud
5th- Coleman/Witt
Orange  K- Jean/E. Smith
2nd- Waldron/Park
3rd- Johnson
4th- Brickley/Grant
5th- Rimkus

Green K- Cain/Murray
1st- Starnes/Hays
2nd- Mazhari/Ranghelli
3rd- Hawkins/Davidson
4th- Baran/Nevlud
5th- Galinas/Witt
Blue K- Colley/E.Smith
1st- Tomko/J.Smith
2nd- Waldron/Miller
3rd- Johnson/Girten
4th- Grant/Meckley
5th- Coleman
Purple K- Jean/Murray
1st- Starnes/Phillips
3rd- Davidson
4th- Brickley/Baran
5th- Galinas/Rimkus