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That's a wrap on the 2019-2020 school year for gifted education.  The S'more activities and Flipgrids will be available throughout the summer.  If you missed one along the way, you can access them below.  I will periodically check the Flipgrid for new videos.

Have a great summer!

Week 7:  So Long 2019-2020

Week 6:  Game Time

Week 5:  Eyes

Week 4:  Cereal

Week 3:  Eggs

Week 2:  Signs

Week1:  Boxes 

Enrichment Websites

Looking for a websites to exercise your brain.  Check out the link below for a compiled list of suggestions.

Enrichment Websites.docx



Stay Connected!
New blogposts will not be posted but the old ones are available for a daily challenge and interesting fact.  If you missed them during the Quarantine, the summer would be a great time to check them out!