Hello and welcome to the Bennett speech and language website!  We miss seeing all of our students and hope to provide some helpful resources and activities to continue practicing communication skills at home.  Even just 5 minutes of practice each day will help reinforce the skills your children have worked so hard on all year long!

Ms. Althoff:  I had the pleasure of working with the amazing Bennett staff and students from 2017-2019.  My husband and I welcomed our daughter in August, and I've been keeping busy as a new mom!  I will now be transitioning back to the Bennett team on a part-time basis and am so excited to be back with the Bennett bears! 

If you have any questions or want to touch base during this time, please email me at althofCD@pwcs.edu.  We can schedule a time to talk on the phone if needed!

Ms. Nonnemaker:

Ms. Perez:

Check-out the 'Helpful Websites' and 'Files and Documents' sections for resources and activities. 



Class Calendar
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All Day
All Day
(Colgan High School)
All Day
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
June 28, no eventsJune 29, no eventsJune 30, no eventsJuly 01, no eventsJuly 02, no eventsJuly 03, no eventsJuly 04, no events
July 05, no eventsJuly 06, no eventsJuly 07, no eventsJuly 08, no eventsJuly 09, no eventsJuly 10, no eventsJuly 11, no events
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July 26, no eventsJuly 27, no eventsJuly 28, no eventsJuly 29, no eventsJuly 30, no eventsJuly 31, no eventsAugust 01, no events

Daily Schedule 

9:00 9:15   Morning Work
9:15   9:30      xxxxx
10:00 10:00      xxxxx
11:00 11:00 xxxxx
12:00 12:00   xxxxx
1:00 1:00   xxxxx
2:00 2:00   xxxxx
3:00 3:00   xxxxx
3:00 3:40   xxxxx
3:45 4:00   Dismissal

Encore Schedule 

Red  PE
Orange  PE
Green PE
Blue PE
Purple PE