1st Grade plans for the week

April 20 - 24, 2020

Suggested schedule for this week is on the following pages. All documents can be opened and printed by clicking on the hyperlink which is written in blue and underlined.  

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For those of you looking for more, we will continue to post things on SeeSaw for students to learn. Please continue to have your child log in to CLEVER and use the resources there such as RAZ-Kids, IXL Dreambox or any other programs. You can check the resources on our Bennett 1st grade class page as we are always adding new resources. 

We will be available for “Office Hours” each Thursday from 10:00 am – 11:00 am.  During that time, we will be available to respond promptly to emails with questions or concerns you or your child may have

See you at the ZOOM this week!

Here are some youtube videos you can enjoy this week: 

Vowel teams

Ten more or Ten Less

Macarena Months

Micheal Recycle read aloud

I Can Save the Earth read aloud

THIS FOLDER has additional worksheets if you would like extra work for your child.

April 20th – 24th, 2020 Virtual Learning    1st Grade

        Monday 4/20

Tuesday 4/21

Wednesday 4/22

Thursday 4/23

Friday 4/24


I can  read for  comprehension.

Read Earth Day Hooray!

Watch THIS Earth day read aloud on Youtube

Kindness suggestion for the week: - you can do this anytime during the week:

I can write a letter to a nurse or other healthcare worker.

Send a note to nurse Hannah Braley and her friends that are working hard to help people in the hospital who are sick with COVID19.  Write thanking them for being brave and helping others feel better. Draw a picture that will brighten their day and make them smile.  (This is a relative of one of our first grade teachers. If you have someone in your family you would rather write and mail - please do!) 

Hannah Braley

10952 Thistlewood Ct

Manassas, VA 20110

You can find writing paper and writing resources HERE or you may use your own.


I can subtract from 9 and below.

Complete IXL First Grade - Subtraction Skill Builders  G 1-10

Your student will have to be logged into their CLEVER account

Practice subtraction with THESE BOOM Cards 

Printable materials to try:

subtraction with multiple strategies

Subtraction cut and paste

No Device Needed::Count all doors in your home. Count all windows in your home. Which do you have more of, doors or windows? Write a number sentence using either addition or subtraction to show how you know the answer. 

Watch THIS Brainpop Jr. video about solving word problems! 

  • Your student will have to be logged into their CLEVER account

Try the problem of the Week

  • Materials your student may want while solving word problems can be found HERE.


I can list ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, and ways to help protect the earth.

Watch “Peep and the Big World” videos: Part 1 and Part 2 on YouTube

No Device Needed: Help your parents put recycling in the bin. Draw a picture of how you can help the earth. (examples: Turning off lights/water, Carpooling or using the bus, Planting new trees, plants. Using both sides of the paper…)

Read these two poems:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle poem

Watch THIS Reduce Reuse Recycle Brainpop Video about reduce, reuse, recycle

  • Try the quiz for fun!

  • Your student will have to be logged into their CLEVER account

Use THESE interactive BOOM cards to learn more about Earth day

Printable materials to try:


I can read, write, and identify long vowel sounds.


Practice long vowel teams with these BOOM cards: 

'ai' vowel team

'oa' vowel team

'ea' vowel team

Printable materials to try: 

'ea' vowel team

'ai' vowel team

'oa' vowel team

No Device Needed: Have your parents write down a menu of all the foods you will eat this week (or the foods you ate last week) and underline or highlight all the long vowel teams (vowel pairs) you see. (Read the word out loud and make sure that you can hear the long vowel sound before you underline it!) 



To be provided by 

Ms. Ratton and 

Mr. Combs

Check out Ms. Raton’s and Mr. Comb’s Bennett webpage.

15 min independent reading daily

15 min independent reading daily

15 min independent reading daily

15 min independent reading daily

15 min independent reading daily


to be provided by Mrs. Holt

Check out Mrs. Holt’s Bennett webpage


to be provided by Mrs. Klaasse

Check out Mrs. Klaasse’s Bennett webpage


to be provided by Mrs. Yeh

Check out Mrs. Yeh’s Bennett webpage

Virtual Field Trip-

Use THIS interactive PowerPoint to take a virtual field trip to the Recycling Center!

Teacher Office Hours

10:00am – 11:00 am


to be provided by Mrs. Flaherty

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