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Instructor: Mrs. Klaasse   

Welcome to the Bennett Library

The vision of the Bennett Library is to create a safe, welcoming environment in which all students can successfully access information,and encourage creative possibilities for their educational and informational needs as well as providing a variety of literary choices to inspire lifelong readers for fun.

To create an environment of choice and possibilities, when it comes to inspiring students to a lifelong love of reading for fun.
To provide an environment that will develop positive learning experiences that will contribute to lifelong learning.
Towork together with teachers, administrators and parents as encouraging,instructional partners to collaborate on educational goals.
To provide instructional literacy research that will result in authentic learning.

Check-out & Overdue Policy
     Students may check out 4 books at a time as long as they don’t have any that are overdue. Students will be notified of an overdue book at check out and given an overdue reminder if requested. Overdue reports will be run 2 times per grading period,and notices will be sent home at those times. When a book is more than one month overdue, a notice will be mailed home to the students’ parent/guardian. 
Red Dot Books
     You may have noticed some of your older students (4th, 5th and maybe some 3rd graders), bringing home a library book with a red dot on the cover (near the Bennett bar code) that is not an AR marker. We do our best to mark books that have content that may not be appropriate or interesting for our younger readers. Being an elementary school library,we have the unique responsibility to provide books with age appropriate content ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. A problem may occur when one of our younger readers has a higher reading level. For example, a second grader may have a 4th or a 5th grade reading level,but some of our books at that reading level may have content that is not appropriate or interesting for a second grade student to read. We use the red dots to let us know that we may need to help that younger reader find a more age appropriate book. In some cases we ask the student to bring us a note with his or her parents' OK if they are very interested in a specific book or series of books (for example:  The Series of Unfortunate Events or Harry Potter). Once we have a note from home, we'll keep a record of it and they will be allowed to check out that specific book,books in that specific series or other red dot books.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me in the library. My email address is
We would like to thank you for sharing this information with your children. Our goal is to keep the Bennett Elementary School Library a warm, friendly welcoming environment and to share our love of books and reading with the students of Bennett!

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